Elizabeth Blair

Current Location: Dunlap, IL
Hometown: Casey, IL

UIS Degrees: B.A. 1993 (Social Justice Professions), M.A. 2003 (Individual Option – Criminal Justice Instruction)

Current Position
Chief of Security at Quest Charter Academy

Career Highlights
“I was the first female Police Officer of the year in the Peoria Police Department. I retired from the Peoria Police Department in 2018, but am proud of the 23 and a half years I spent serving the community. The last eight years on the force, I worked as a patrol officer in the East Bluff Community. Each year, I grow a garden and have always taken my produce to families that need it. I helped with Shop with a Cop each year at Wal-Mart. I’ve also have been a member of the Special Olympics since 1989, serving on the State Committee for the Illinois Law Enforcement Torch Run in 2003. I continue to assist with various Special Olympics fundraisers to help athletes participate with their year-round training and events.”

Memories of UIS
“I was Vice-President of the Student Senate which helped the University transition from Sangamon State University to the University of Illinois Springfield. I came to UIS on a tennis scholarship and was a member of the team that went to the NAIA National Tournament and was named MVP. My sophomore year, I switched to volleyball and was recognized with sportsmanship awards and as a co-MVP of that team. I was a student worker and president of the Criminal Justice Club. I participated in an internship with the Springfield Police Department and Illinois State Police. After graduation, I stayed in contact with my professors and other staff members. After receiving my master’s degree, I was asked to teach part-time at the UIS Peoria Campus. The reward of receiving a degree from UIS and being able to give back to my UIS family has been priceless.”

How did UIS change or prepare you?
拍拍拍无挡视频免费1_日本一级婬片日本高清视频_九色综合亚洲色综合网 “The classes and extracurricular activities at UIS prepared me to give back and pay it forward. My college days were some of the best days of my life. I learned how to grow academically, personally and become a better person in preparation for my anticipated profession as a police officer. UIS was my playground that allowed me the opportunity to find my true passion. UIS provided diversity that has been used throughout most of my adult life. I learned to network, which has helped me in my future because you never know who or what you might need in a current situation. The koeas.comcation provided me the ability to learn communication and people skills. In short, I learned how to use my voice.”

Interesting Fact
“I train bird dogs for hunting and competition.”

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